The History of Discussing Who

The History of Discussing Who

I noticed something while thinking about the decline in the number of articles, blog posts, etc. that I’ve written recently. It wasn’t that my content output had declined. Instead, it had simply changed. The ideas found a new home in audio rather than in the written word.

Introducing the Discussing Who Podcast

Don’t we all adjust our style… our unique voice… our methods… as we learn new tips, tricks, and ways to create?

This is not to say that the written word carries any less weight than audio. No, this was simply something that I observed about myself. Your story may be different.

Here’s the reason behind the above.

I talk often of Doctor Who: Podshock. This podcast, the longest running Doctor Who podcast, began in 2005. In 2014, I was a guest on approximately 80% of all live shows. In 2015, I became an official co-host. Those reminded me of something that I said I wanted to do WAY back in high school. I wanted my own talk show. But, more importantly, since I don’t like being in front of the camera, I wanted my own radio show.

That was the late 80s / early 90s. Technology changes things.

In 2015, I helped research, plan, and launch the Performance I Create podcast. This, along with Podshock, gave me two outlets; however, I decided that I wanted to devote my attention to two other projects – one that had been on the backburner – the other a new idea. So, I departed from PIC in October 2015.

I revisited a backburner project that, as it was originally envisioned, morphed instead into something different. I approached a fellow comic book, science fiction, and Doctor Who fan, Clarence Brown of the I Am Clarence blog. I asked if he would be interested in joining me in starting a new podcast. The format – simple. It would be based on talks he and I had over the years. Nothing formal – just talking about comics, movies, tv shows, etc. Oh, and Doctor Who. We can’t forget Doctor Who!

We began thinking about a name. I settled on Outpost 4816. After all, isn’t it a bit difficult to name something that covers all those topics?

2016 began.

Anyone who listens to any podcast, newscast, etc. knows one thing for sure – you will not have all hosts on the show for all episodes. With only two of us, I wanted to make sure that the show does go onward if one isn’t available. That led to my inviting DWP co-host Lee Shackleford to join the team. Lee graciously accepted.

The team was set.

Lee suggested a change to the name. And, while I was originally reluctant, his comment of ending the name with a number might not be the best idea… was a fantastic suggestion.

The hard part arrived. How does one find a name that is not:

  • already taken.
  • already taken!
  • already taken?

Then… just as silence was falling on the idea well… a new name popped into focus.

Who will we be discussing?

We will be Discussing Who?!?!

And, with that, the concept became reality.

Discussing Who Was Born.Discussing Who Site Icon

So, what is Discussing Who? To answer that, I think the podcast description says it all.

The worlds of science fiction, comic books, and Doctor Who collide within the Discussing Who podcast. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford. Discussing Who features interviews, reviews, new, and more. Who (or what) will we discuss next?

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