How Fantasy Becomes Reality

How Fantasy Becomes Reality

During Episode 10 of Discussing Who, Lee Shackleford mentioned a conversation he had with his wife, Dr. Karen Dill-Shackleford. This conversation – a discussion regarding Sherlock Holmes – prompted Karen to ask: If Sherlock Holmes can be a mouse, why can’t he be a woman?

Why not, indeed?

How Fantasy Becomes Reality 

In a recent discussion with Dr. Shackleford, we talked about Doctor Who and why the show was so important to so many fans.  I would say the following regardless of whether or not she is the wife of one of the Discussing Who (and Doctor Who: Podshock) hosts. She challenged my thoughts, opinions, etc. and kept me on my toes throughout the conversation. (In all honesty, I felt like a bumbling idiot!)

Most importantly – she made me THINK!

From smartphones to social media, from streaming videos to fitness bands, our devices bring us information and entertainment all day long, forming an intimate part of our lives. Their ubiquity represents a major shift in human experience, and although we often hold our devices dear, we do not always fully appreciate how their nearly constant presence can influence our lives for better and for worse.

How Fantasy Becomes Reality

About Dr. Shackleford

Karen E. Dill-Shackleford is a social psychologist who studies the role of media in everyday life. Some of her special areas of interest are the psychology of engagement with narrative, violence and violence prevention, portrayals of race and gender, and fandom.

Karen Shackleford


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We invite Dr. Shackleford onto a future episode of Discussing Who to further discuss race, age, sex, and sexual orientation in comic book, movie, and TV characters.


How Fantasy Becomes Reality


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