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The Dark Side of Video Game Fandom

The Dark Side of Video Game Fandom

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are a fan of comic books, science fiction, and/or Doctor Who. The content of this site focuses on those topics and – logically – assumption would be that those would bring those who want to discuss, know about, etc. those topics. Basically, over-and-heavy worded explanation aside, we are fans.

When Fandom Goes Wrong

As fans, we share a passion for the genre of our choice.  

But, as much as I enjoy Doctor Who, would it not be safe to assume that there are others who have never heard of the show – or don’t like it? If everyone liked it, would not there be billions watching at the same time when a new episode airs?  

In episode 10, our discussion somewhat dealt with the backlash often seen when changing a character. Recent changes (or supposed changes) to Captain America? The writer receives death threats on Twitter.

This is when fandom goes wrong!

As an example, Clarence shared an interview he did in 2012 with a person who encountered the negative side of video game fandom. By the way…the guy being interviewed…did everything he could to prevent a bad situation!

To listen to this Halo Encounter…click here. (NOTE: Interview is NSFW due to possibly offensive language.)
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