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Celebrating Seven Years of the Cultdom Collective

Celebrating Seven Years of the Cultdom Collective

Cultdom Collective 7th AnniversaryOnce upon a time and in a world filled with wine and Sunday evening conversations, two brave souls embarked on an adventure into the unknown. The word – notice of their pending arrival – had gone out. Alas, with only Cultdom as their guide, the two adventurers set out in search of not one – but many.

They sought not one along the way – instead searching for many. A family show it was, just keeping them both in check. They traveled weekly and conversed – often talking to their shoe! Others followed – they did – and joined the band. Some were Skeptical – from the land of Darth.  Others visited briefly while others remained. Connected they were in the Book of the Face.

  1.  100.  100.

Commentary they gave, but gaps did occur. Until rain and thunder brought Ran-Dal of Thor.  

On and on, they traveled in unison – lending their voices of the Pod of the Shock.

Ever graceful they are – and remain to this day. A collective arose and continues the Cultdom.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven..That’s what we discussed in Episode Eleven.

To Dave, Ian, and Mike, we wish you the best.  Now, onward you go, there isn’t time to rest!

Cultdom Collective 7th Anniversary

We hope you enjoyed the story and, as you probably guessed, this post marks our celebration of SEVEN years of the Cultdom Collective Podcast. A special thank you goes out to both Dave Cooper and Ian Bisset for the interview now available on Episode 11 of Discussing Who.  Find out how – and why – they decided to start their own podcast seven years ago!

Episode 11 of Discussing Who includes excerpts of the Cultdom Collective’s Episode Zero, a Fringe-worthy discussion, and an interview with Dave and Ian.


The Cultdom Collective will be celebrating this anniversary LIVE on Talkshoe on Sunday, July 24, 2016, at 2pm EDT.  Join us as we celebrate seven years with the Cultdom Collective.  

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The 7th Anniversary of the Cultdom Collective


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