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Is Suicide Squad Strike Two for Snyder?

Is Suicide Squad Strike Two for Snyder?

Planning to see DC Comics’ Suicide Squad this weekend? Or, are you – like many – planning to wait and see it on DVD, Digital Download, or rent online?  Better yet, will Suicide Squad turn out to be STRIKE TWO for Zack Snyder?

Suicide Squad

The movie opened in theaters today, Friday, August 05, 2016.

Carrying a budget of 175 million, it is directed by David Ayer. The Executive Producer is Zack Snyder. (In full disclosure, I am not a fan of Snyder’s work with DC.)

The synopsis tells of a U.S. intelligence officer (Amanda Waller) who brings together a group of supervillains for covert-style missions.  

Basically, bring together bad guys and send them on suicide tasks – ones that  no one will care if they are killed in battle.

Suicide Squad

Image courtesy of Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment

How Bad are the Reviews?

Reviews have not been good.  Actually, they’ve been dismal. In a chat session earlier this morning, one person commented after being asked regarding plans to see the movie, “Not me. I’m not interested AND I read the reviews.”

I received a text earlier from someone who described the movie as: Suicide Squad. Disjointed. Messy. Out of Sync with itself.  He further commented: There were some really good scenes. Some good acting, but also some horrible acting and inconsistency with story.

My response?  We need superhero stories that do a MARVELous job on the big screen.

Suicide Squad

Image courtesy of Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment

What did others say?

As of August 05, 2016, the movie has a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 42% rating on Metacritic.  

Michael O’Sullivan writes in the Washington Post: How, you might ask, is it possible to so thoroughly suck the joy out of a story that features a guy who can shoot flames out of his hands (Jay Hernandez, as Diablo)?

Wanting a Success Squad not a Suicide Mission

While I haven’t seen the movie, I have not heard what I wanted to hear…positive reviews. Happy fans.  People telling that this was a great movie and so very much better than Dawn of Boredom (Justice). I wanted this to be a smash hit.  Suicide Squad Discussing Who

I love the DC characters and, while I very much enjoy Marvel’s stable of characters, it is characters from DC who go back to my earliest memories.  

Unfortunately, the verdict isn’t back but deliberations aren’t proving positive.  

Gladly I would say this may be STRIKE TWO for Synder. But, if I were to do that, would it not mean that STRIKE THREE would be next year’s Wonder Woman???

Is there enough time for Geoff John’s new position to remove the Scarlet Letter of Synder currently plaguing the realm of DC adaptations?

What are your thoughts on Suicide Squad??



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