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Recap of the 3rd Annual Doctor Who Day Event

Recap of the 3rd Annual Doctor Who Day Event

What do a Dalek, a TARDIS, and a robot dog all have in common? If your answer is Doctor Who, you’re correct! But, if your answer is: “They were all in Flowood, Mississippi yesterday!”…well…you are ALSO correct!

G. Chastaine Flynt Memorial Library

G. Chastaine Flynt Memorial Library on Doctor Who Day

3rd Annual Doctor Who Day at the Flowood Library

Arriving around 12:15pm, I wanted to have a look around AND take a moment to introduce myself. After all, anyone who would sponsor a Doctor Who event would be FANTASTIC, right?

I looked around and, thanks to a video posted earlier that day to their Facebook page, I recognized someone. Walking up to the desk, I proclaimed, “You were in the video earlier this morning!!!” (I admit, I think she thought I was a bit off my rocker!

Metro Whovians on Doctor Who Day

Missy and River Steal the TARDIS

Introductions were quickly made. I knew Clarence would arrive soon, and wished that Lee could be there, too. In fact, wouldn’t it be cool if it were a Discussing Who & Doctor Who: Podshock & a Cultdom Collective…well, collective? Yep, would be nice had Louis, Dave, and Ian been there, too!

Still…new friends and more new friends to come!

The crowd began arriving around 1pm. There were two Tom Bakers, a Madam Vastra, Jenny, and even a young Silurian. But, before the trivia games began, the guest of honor arrived. Who? None other than a very well-crafted, homemade, and totally fantastic K-9! (Seriously, he even had side viewers with the 1980s Doctor Who opening credits!)

At the end of the event, I think we made some new friends and represented our shows well.

Metro Whovians

Metro WhoviansMany who attended the event are a part of the Metro Whovians. This group can be found on Facebook by visiting:

The creators of the trivia were Ashley Biggs and Beth Samson – and the did an AMAZING job! (To be honest, there were a few questions that I didn’t know!!!)

The costume contest…A+!  After all, what else can you have if you have TWO Tom Bakers!!!

Posted by Discussing Who on Saturday, September 17, 2016

Best thing about this event? It was fun….no matter if you were 4, 40, or 400!

If you find yourself in Flowood, Mississippi, stop by the library…tell them that Kyle and Clarence of Discussing Who sent you! Or, if you’re somewhere else, go support your local library. After all, what’s in a library? BOOKS…the greatest weapons in the universe!

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for being so very welcoming! Ashley & Beth, you have an open invitation to come on the show and discuss Doctor Who with us!  


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