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Lee and the Brain of Morbius

Lee and the Brain of Morbius

In episode 18 of Discussing Who we mention Mehendri Solon – specifically, Lee Shackleford mentions this character and his obsession for Morbius, a long dead and tyrannical Time Lord. Solon’s single appearance in Doctor Who, to date, saw the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith work to prevent Dr. Solon from resurrecting Morbius. This story, The Brain of Morbius, was reviewed on Doctor Who Podshock in Episode 327.


I know I talked my head off  (get it?) in PODSHOCK #327 about how much I love THE BRAIN OF MORBIUS, but I’m not through yet. If you’re already sick of me talking about it, and why wouldn’t you be, really? Then move along — nothing to see here …

… Still with me? Oh, good.

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Click here to listen to Doctor Who Podshock episode 327, a Review of The Brain of Morbius. Then, visit to read more of Lee’s written commentary, or by clicking here.

Doctor Who Podshock Episode 327



In celebration of Lee’s reverence for the story, I created and posted the image below to the Podshock website last year.

The Brain of Doctor Who Podshock


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