Doctor Who

Player Piano Performs Doctor Who Theme

Player Piano Performs Doctor Who Theme

Who doesn’t love music?  I can recall marveling at any changes to the themes (back in the day when there actually were themes on most US television programs) that might occur to the theme. YouTube gave another avenue for people to take their love for a particular theme and, by using their own skills or profession, craft something amazing.

Player Piano Performs Doctor Who Theme

I found Sonya Belousova’s marvelous rendition of the Doctor Who theme several months ago as I randomly searched YouTube. The video is a tribute to the show…is amazingly done…and is..well…..FANTASTIC..ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

Sonya Belousova Performs Doctor Who Theme



About Player Piano

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Arranged and Performed by: Sonya Belousova
Directed and Produced by: Tom Grey
Executive Producer: Shawn Strider
Executive Producer: Jesse Kretchmer
Producer: Lauren Selman
Co-Producer: William Raillon
Cinematography by: Stephen Paar
Costume Designer: Manzi DeYoung
VFX Supervisor: Alessandro Schiassi


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