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October 2016 Superhero Television Premiere Dates

October 2016 Superhero Television Premiere Dates

Schedule your DVR.  Set your cable TV provider box to record. Set your DVD recorder. Or, if you want, don’t record and watch live. The fall TV season is upon us and, in celebration of the release of Luke Cage on Netflix today, check out the release dates for other comic book (related) shows.


 October 2016 Super Hero TV Shows

Luke Cage

09/30/2016 – Season 1


(Worth mentioning again!)


The Flash

10/04/2016 – Season 3

The CW



10/05/2016 – Season 5

The CW



10/10/2016 – Season 2

The CW


Legends of Tomorrow

10/13/2016 – Season 2

The CW


The Walking Dead



Should I give this show a try? It’s zombies!!! Really?



Season 3 – Fox

Already airing on Fox.


Agents of Shield

Season 4 – ABC

Already airing on ABC, and things are  on FIRE!

Upcoming in 2017: Iron Fist and The Defenders

What about Season 3 of Daredevil and Season 2 of Jessica Jones? Which show are you most excited to see return? Let us know in the comments.


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