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Latest News About the Relativity Podcast

Latest News About the Relativity Podcast

You’ve heard mention of the Relativity Podcast that I’m working on with Alana Jordan. Here’s the latest:

Alana and I did our first read-through of episodes 001-010. Ten episodes!

Relativity Podcast ReadingFor those who don’t know, a read-through is where actors sit down at a table with their scripts and read the whole thing aloud and talk about what’s going on in with the characters and their situations. (In our case the “table” was virtual; we did it over GoToMeeting.) Sometimes it’s where actors see the script for the first time! But a first readthrough is always where they hear the voices of each other’s characters for the first time. It can be quite an exciting experience, especially since you know the next step is rehearsal and then performance!

Alana’s character has a lot of emotional highs and lows in these episodes and they all have to be totally heartfelt and committed. It’s not easy but I already knew that portraying genuine depth of feeling and understanding is Alana’s specialty. Witness the tear stains on her script. That’s how she rolls.

In the readthrough I found some things I want to fix in the script, little inconsistencies and so on. Moments where the emotional transitions are awkward. That kind of thing. After I do those revisions, the next stop is the studio! We plan to record the voice tracks for those ten episodes all at once, just like in the readthrough. We should be able to finish that in the next week. Then I’ll take it all down to the Dungeon of Post-Production where I’ll try to make it all as thrilling and intriguing for you as I possibly can.

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