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Why I don’t blame Carol Danvers anymore!

Why I don’t blame Carol Danvers anymore!

Carol Danvers survives Civil War II.  We all know that she does.  In fact, the events of Civil War II place Carol in a position where her status elevates into the (currently) unknown. Did she kill Tony Stark? Read Civil War II yourself at to find out. It’s an entertaining read.  

Civil War II

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

In the past several months while reading this event I made no qualms about whether or not I liked Carol. I didn’t. I 100% disliked her.

The character changed – and changed drastically. Was this a character who I enjoyed over the years who now acted different than before. Honestly? I liked Carol more as Binary than any of her incarnations. She was a take-her-or-leave-her character, in my opinion.

Carol Danvers

The Many Faces of Carol Danvers

Changing her to Captain Marvel and entering into Civil War II, the character acted quite uncharacteristically.

But, at some point while reading the final issue, my opinion changed. No, I don’t forgive the character for anything she did. No, my opinion of the character has not totally shifted back. And, no…no action was taken by her in the story to change.  In fact, it was the realization that she was not in control of her actions that made me forgive her just a bit.  

Carol Danvers actions are not her own. There….I said it. The character’s actions are controlled by an omnipotent and overpowering source far beyond the House of Ideas. Instead, this powerful being controls Carol…as is the same as every other hero in the Marvel Universe.  

Carol, the character, needs to be ready to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, it’s just business, folks. That’s why I don’t blame Carol anymore. She can’t help herself!
Who controls Carol?  

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

Do you agree…disagree?  

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