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What is Relativity?

What is Relativity?

Relativity is the name of a new science fiction serial said to be “a sci-fi serial for your ears and mind.” This new series follows two characters – one on Earth and the other billions of miles away in deep space – as they must learn to rely on each other. The serial is written by and stars my friend and fellow co-host on Doctor Who: Podshock and Discussing Who, Lee Shackleford. It also co-stars the talented Alana Jordan. Both were previously featured in my review of Herlock.

Relativity Podcast

What is Relativity?

According to Lee, Relativity is:

A science-fiction radio drama serial now available on the web, iTunes, and Podomatic.  As you listen, you’ll experience what the characters in the show experience… because like you, their understanding of the situation is drawn solely from sound and imagination.


The Story of Relativity

The Relativity Podcast is set in the not-too-distant future where the Earth is in a global crisis. Things are not that much better for the Konyechny, a gigantic ship traveling in the darkest corners of space. Circumstances bring together two people – one man, one woman – and positions them at opposite ends of the story…one at Mission Control and the other aboard the ship.

Their task seems impossible: Help one another through life-and-death situations.

Only one thing links the two together across the distance of space: their own voices.


The Stars of Relativity

Relativity stars Lee Shackleford and Alana Jordan.

Alana Jordan as Sophia
Alana Jordan

Alana Jordan

Alana Jordan is the voice of Sophia, the ultra-dedicated rigid perfectionist in the Flight Director’s seat at Mission Control.

In real life Alana is one of those multi-hyphenates: actor-writer-director-comedian and did we mention voice talent? Perhaps that one’s obvious. But she sings, she dances, and she cosplays like nobody else. People at conventions like Comic-Con speak of her in awed voices: “Did you see that lady who came as _______ and how she rocked the _______?

Somewhere in the midst of all this, she has found time to appear in a variety of films, including the webseries pilot HERLOCK, in which countless fans fell in love with her as the “Dr. Watson” character Jonny Watts.

Lee Shackleford as Christopher

Lee Shackleford

Lee Shackleford

Lee Shackleford is the voice of Christopher, the hapless flight surgeon on a runaway spaceship millions of kilometers from Earth.

Lee also dreamed up this whole “Relativity podcast” thing and is the head writer. And this makes sense, because he’s a writer for stage, screen, and radio, with more than 150 produced shows to his credit. He’s written for every kind of venue from local stages to off-Broadway to syndicated radio drama to stories for Star Trek: the Next Generation.  He’s best-known for his play Holmes & Watson, in which he appeared off-Broadway in the role of Holmes, and his adaptation of Karel Capek’s R.U.R., which ran off-Broadway in 2013.

The First Episode

The first episode is now available.


Episode 33 of Discussing Who

I had the opportunity to speak with Lee about Relativity for the 33rd Episode of Discussing Who. The show synopsis includes:

What happens when the only person who can help may be located billions of miles away? Lee Shackleford answers that question in his upcoming serial, Relativity. What is Relativity? Lee crafts a journey for our minds and ears within the steel walls of the spaceship Konyechny. It’s a story set in the not-too-distant future about two people – a woman on Earth at Mission Control and a single man aboard the ship. Lee, like his character within the serial, joins me as we discuss some of what he has planned for he and his co-star Alana Jordan as Relativity unfolds. All this PLUS listener feedback!

Episode 33






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