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Capturing Sherlock Holmes

Capturing Sherlock Holmes

by: Lee Shackleford

When asked about Sherlock Holmes, I often find myself walking the proverbial tightrope while balancing my excitement for the character with not overwhelming the other person (or you – the reader) with too many facts and ideas.

But, if one cracks open the door, I suppose one should go ahead and open it…

In Episode 16, Kyle chose to dedicate an episode of our show to Sherlock and (specifically) my involvement in both portraying the character onstage and transforming Holmes into Hume…Sheridan Hume. He asked me shortly after recording our first episode and I think I said something like, “People do not want to hear me going on and on for an hour.”  He disagreed. Bless him, he reached out over Skype and twisted my arm…admittedly, not much twisting was necessary.

He says it ranks in the top 10 and will probably send me the stats to prove it once he reads this. we are again…Episode 34…discussing Sherlock after he and Watson returned to our screens for a three episode season.

Did I like what Moffat and Gatiss delivered? I’ll let our epiosde answer that question….or, in Doctor Who terms….spoilers.

Capturing Holmes

I shared the following notes with Clarence and Kyle moments before recording the episode. (I had previously mentioned – I know – one of the two.)  Now, I share them with you.

One comes from Jeremy Brett – the beloved, magnificent, and brilliant actor – who may have been one of – if not THE – best portrayal of Holmes. The other, the amazing Isaac Asimov.

Discussing Who Episode 34

Jeremy Brett Card to Lee Shackleford

Thank you for allowing me to share these with you. If you want to know more about the works of Jeremy Brett, click here. If you would like to know more about Isaac Asimov, click here.

On behalf of Clarence and Kyle, I hope we’ve answered Heather’s questions about my favorite detective.

If not, let us know.

I’m still trying to capture him.

Never will!!


Episode 34

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman return for another rollercoaster season of SHERLOCK. We examine the history of the character, answer questions submitted by listeners, review the current season, and more. Did you like the current season? Let us know! Hosted by Lee Shackleford, Clarence Brown, and Kyle Jones.  To listen, click here.

Discussing Who Episode 34



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