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Who is X-23?

Who is X-23?

I originally wrote the title of this article as Who is Wolverine?, but replaced it with Who is X-23? Why did I do this? Just as both Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West are all/have all been The Flash, the name Wolverine belongs to more than just one mutant. No, the this isn’t about multiple versions of the same character.

SPOILER WARNING: Anyone who has not seen the movie LOGAN and/or is not familiar with the X-Men and associated characters, be aware that spoilers follow.

Who is X-23?

Fans of the X-Men comics and movies know that Logan/Wolverine’s is much older than he appears. Logan carries the weight of past deeds doubled by a long-battled existence. What would it be like if you had younger version?

The answer came in 2003 in an episode of the X-Men: Evolution cartoon. Then, as a complete surprise, the character jumped to comics in NYX one year later. Just as Spider-Man and Jean Grey before him, Logan joined the ranks of heroes with their own clone. But, Logan’s clone was different. He was a She….X-23. While references have been made in the comics to X-23 has both his sister and daughter, the general consensus designates her has his “daughter”.


Who is X-23?

Why 23?

Can you guess how many failed attempts there were before successfully cloning him? If your answer is 23, you are correct! Her name is Laura Kinney, with the last name coming from the woman who gave birth to the clone. Laura has the same enhanced senses, reflexes, etc. as does Logan. She also has the enhanced healing factor. She also has a variation of the famous adamantium claws.


The character has appeared in several team books and solo-series/mini-series since her introduction. In 2015, she became the central character – in title and costume – of a new series, All-New Wolverine.


Who is Wolverine?

All New Wolverine





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