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Doctor Who Series 10 Weekly Reviews Planned

Doctor Who Series 10 Weekly Reviews Planned

Wonder why there have been no new episodes of Discussing Who so far in April? ¬†Trust us, we’re not pulling a proverbial Moffat by having only one episode in April, as was the case for Doctor Who in 2016. (No…no bitterness…just make a fantastic Series 10.) But, we do have something planned as we go weekly for the entire Series 10 run!

Discussing Who Weekly Review of Season 10

The Weekly Plan

Doctor Who will air, for those of us in the United States, on Saturday evenings. We plan to record an episode the following Tuesday evening. This means the new review episodes of Discussing Who will be released either Thursday or Friday prior to the next episode, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  (You know, like Missy taking down the Internet or something like that!)

What YOU can Expect!

We’ll mix things up during the reviews, but expect to see:

  • the return of prior guest hosts.
  • a special Doctor Who episode from this year’s WHOLanta event in May!
  • at least two (2) episodes will be recorded LIVE on Facebook.
  • Your Feedback! (That’s a hint, you know…seriously! We want to hear from you!)

Thank You

We can’t say “THANK YOU” enough to everyone who listens to the show.



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