How You Can Help Others Discover Discussing Who

How You Can Help Others Discover Discussing Who

Apple recently updated their podcast platform taking podcasts out of iTunes proper and – instead – branding as Apple Podcasts.  It remains, according to Apple, the best place to discover audio stories that entertain, inform, and inspire.  Millions of people worldwide use and listen with Apple Podcasts every day and are looking for their next favorite show. Maybe our show would be just that! And, guess what?You’ve already found and – we hope – enjoy Discussing Who; however, we need YOUR help so that others can also discover the show.


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How You Can Help Others Discover Discussing Who

As part of the Apple Podcasts currently used method for ranking and featuring content, listener ranking and reviews matter. This method places the listener in control of evaluating and ranking the content they find. Those shows with higher rankings and more reviews receive the distinction of being awarded higher visibility.

For example, someone searches “Doctor Who Podcasts.” The more rankings and reviews we receive = the higher chance of others discovering the show. You can help by spending a few minutes reviewing our show on Apple Podcasts. Our purpose for this request is to increase exposure and grow the show.

Don’t use Apple Podcasts?  That’s ok, too.  We’re available on Stitcher – and you can leave a review on that site, too!

Thank You

We hope to grow the show, now in it’s second year, during the remainder of 2017. And, as always, we want to thank you for listening!

About the Show

Discussing Who is made possible thanks to the support from our listeners. Become a fan of the show by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, find us on Instagram, and more! Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Google Play, PlayerFM, Stitcher, and others! Show you’re fans of the show and help others discover us by recommending us using your favorite podcast player.

Send your feedback via email to or leave us a voicemail message on the Discussing Who Call Line. Simply dial (805)850-DWHO (3946). (Airtime and/or long distance rates apply, if applicable.)

Like the show? Want to contribute?  Send us your feedback!  We want to hear from you!

The Discussing Who team is proud to be a founding member of GRITS – Geeks Recording in the South. Check out the group on Facebook and Twitter for more information.




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