WHOLanta 2018 Dates Announced!

WHOLanta 2018 Dates Announced!

The dates for the 2018 WHOLanta, a Doctor Who themed convention, are now known. The event will be held from May 04 – 06, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  And, as was the case in 2017, the Discussing Who team are already making plans for the 2018 event. (Basically…we can’t wait!)


WHOLanta 2018


What is WHOLanta?

Founded in 2005 and according to Wikipedia, TimeGate began as a single day event and was held on March 26, 2005.  As the name implies: Doctor Who + Stargate = TimeGate.  Since that time, featured guests of the various events include:

  • Tony Amendola
  • John Levene
  • Mary Tamm
  • Terrance Dicks
  • Dominic Glynn
  • Sophie Alred
  • Kelly Yates
  • Colin Baker
  • Gareth-David Lloyd
  • Michelle Gomez
  • Katy Manning
  • Terry Malloy
  • Nicholas Briggs
  • Paul McGann
  • Camille Cadouri
  • Michelle Gomez
  • and many more!

2017 marked the very first WHOLanta convention after regenerating from TimeGate.

WHOLanta 2018


WHOLanta 2018


The location will move to the Hilton Atlanta Airport. And, according to the site official site:

WHOlanta is relocating to a new home in 2018! We’re very excited about all the opportunities that the Hilton Atlanta Airport offers us.

  • We have access to a huge amount of function space, so we have plenty of room to continue growing
  • The hotel is undergoing a huge renovation of the function space, and while it’s nice now, it’s going to be amazing when we get there!
  • There are four excellent food options right inside the hotel
  • There are additional food options very close by, either in walking or very short driving distance
  • It’s very visible from the nearby area, making it incredibly easy to find


Very easy access from MARTA and from Airport, with free shuttles running in 20-minute intervals.

Discussing Who at WHOLanta 2018

The 2017 convention will forever serve as a fixed moment in the history of our show as it served as the first in-person meeting of members of two different podcasts – Discussing Who and Doctor Who: Podshock.  Kyle Jones and Lee Shackleford of both podcasts and were joined by Clarence Brown of Discussing Who.

Stay tuned to the show to find out how Discussing Who might feature into next year’s event and for news as it becomes available. Also, we encourage you to check out more about WHOLanta by visiting them on the web and via Social Media.

WHOLanta Website –

WHOLanta on Facebook –

WHOLanta on Twitter –

(Tell them that Discussing Who sent you!)

2017 WHOLanta Coverage

Check out our coverage of WHOLanta 2017 in Episodes 41, 45, & 46.

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