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Doctor Who Survey & Chance to Win $100 in WHO Merchandise!

Doctor Who Survey & Chance to Win $100 in WHO Merchandise!

If you’re on this site and reading this article, chances are relatively high that you rank amongst Doctor Who fandom. And, what fan of our beloved Time Lord does not want to talk about everything in all of time and space?Well, now’s YOUR chance! Take a DOCTOR WHO survey and get entered for a chance at $100 in Whovian merchandise!



Dr Karen Shackleford

A certain social psychologist (okay, it’s Karen E. Shackleford – our friend and better half of our own Lee Shackleford) is writing a book called FINDING TRUTH IN FICTION – all about our love of television and film. Her team of researchers is doing a study about Whovian opinions, ranging from opinions about the 13th doctor, all the Doctors and their companions, and some general attitudes and feelings.

The short version can be done very quickly, so why not do it now? Here’s the link:

(You’ll notice the survey asks “How often did you watch the First Doctor?” and so on … they mean “how many of the existing episodes have you seen?” They’re not asking if you were hiding behind your sofa in Britain in 1963 – unless, of course, you are Dave Cooper – of Podshock and Cultdom Collective fame!!)

Doctor Who Survey


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