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STD Podcast Episode 7: Choose Your Pain

STD Podcast Episode 7: Choose Your Pain

The STD Podcast Crew are back with Episode 7! In episode five of Star Trek Discovery, an impact is made on the history of the franchise. Whether it’s dropping f-bombs or romantic endeavors, one thing is clear — it’s not your daddy’s Star Trek. Buckle in for a captain’s capture, a tardigrade’s plea, a rash decision, and a daring escape! Join the STD Podcast Crew as they review, “Choose Your Pain”. Hosted by Clarence BrownAndy SimsKyle Jones, and Jonathan Shorts.

STD: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast Ep 007

To listen to this episode, click here: http://www.stdpodcast.com/podcast/stdp007-star-trek-discovery-choose-your-pain-review/


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