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The Walking Dead: What Did I Walk Into?

The Walking Dead: What Did I Walk Into?

Zombies aren’t my thing. I’ve never understood the fascination with mindless creatures. just walking around wanting: BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS!  Zombies…not for me!! It’s not something that I’ve ever wanted to watch. Night of the Living Dead?  Never watched. iZombie? Nope! I carried no interest.


The Walking Dead

Along comes The Walking Dead on AMC, based on the Image comic of the same name. As with the others AND no matter how popular this show became, I had no interest in watching.  There would be times when I needed something new to watch.  Did that happen? Yes, it did! As I often do, I asked Clarence for recommendations.  He would tell me how great this show was and how I needed to watch. Despite how much I respected Clarence and his opinions on television, I didn’t get it.

I never watched.

Then, Jessica from SesskaSays comes on our show and we talk about her reactions to TWD. On a whim or in a moment of television insanity, I asked Jess to “tell me why a person who hates zombies would want to watch The Walking Dead?”  (To hear her response and the entire interview, check out Episode 76.)


Guess what? Two weeks later and I’m currently on S1E3.

Guess what, Clarence?  I was wrong!

I get it now.

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