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Doctor Who 13th Doctor Details REVEALED!

Doctor Who 13th Doctor Details REVEALED!

A photo of Jodi Whittaker’s 13th Doctor set the internet ablaze yesterday with the reveal of her first official outfit.  In addition, the TARDIS was set to receive an update to the console room, but fans were not expecting a change to the exterior, too!


Well, Here We Go Again!

According to an article on Radiotimes:

There’s no sign of outgoing Doctor Peter Capaldi’s sonic glasses, but the new Time Lord’s recently-revealed outfit includes deep blue trousers and socks, light brown braces and a black shirt with yellow, green and red stripes. And to top it off, the costume comes with a swish large grey coat, with the same coloured stripe pattern on its edges. And check out those earrings!

The news came from the BBC:


Opinions and Feedback

The Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, weighed in saying:


This isn’t the first time the TARDIS has undergone an external transformation. What do you think of the Doctor’s new look?  Let us know in the comments below. Also, for more on the reveal of Jodi Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, we invite you to listen to Episode 62: Introducing the 13th Doctor!

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