About Discussing Who

About Discussing Who

The worlds of science fiction, comic books, and Doctor Who collide within the Discussing Who podcast. Discussing Who is made by fans for fans and features interviews, reviews, news, discussions, debates, and more. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford.


In addition to Discussing Who, Kyle Jones and Lee Shackleford are two of the co-hosts on Doctor Who: Podshock while Clarence Brown co-hosts the Techpedition podcast. Guests on previous episodes include hosts of The Cultdom Collective, Reality Breached, and more. Episode topics range from super heroes, Netflix originals, Sherlock, to everyone’s favorite Time Lord.

Join the conversation by sending your feedback, suggestions, topic ideas, and your thoughts on previous episodes. Who (or what) will we discuss next? It is up to you! Let us know. We want to hear from you!

Discussing Who Podcast

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The Hosts

Kyle Jones

Kyle is an avid fan of Doctor Who, comic books, & gadgets. He works in Corporate HR by day, but is a Whovian & blogger by night. He is also a co-host of the longest running Doctor Who podcast, Doctor Who: Podshock. Kyle is a longtime fan of comics, science fiction, and Doctor Who. In addition to co-creator of Discussing Who, Kyle is the team’s central showrunner.  

Clarence Brown

Clarence is a software developer with an avid interest in technology and geek culture. He enjoys podcasting, occasional journalism, casual gaming, app development, and working out. He is a co-founder and host on the Techpedition podcast. In 2017, he launched the STD: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast – serving as moderator of a panel of co-hosts. As co-creator of Discussing Who, Clarence brings experience in podcasting and serves as the team’s technical expert.

Lee Shackleford

Lee Shackleford is a writer for stage, screen, and radio with more than 150 produced scripts to his credit. His best-known works are in the deathless realm on Sherlock Holmes. He wrote and starred in the off-Broadway hit HOLMES & WATSON. With his first love being science fiction, Lee was a widely-published writer and illustrator of STAR TREK fan fiction. He is also a co-host of the longest running Doctor Who podcast, Doctor Who: Podshock. When looking for an additional perspective to add to the show. He serves as the team’s expert on story structure.  In 2016, Lee, along with co-star Alana Jordan, premiered the Relativity Podcast. 

Discussing Who Podcast

Additional Information

Doctor Who and the TARDIS are owned and trademarked by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Various comic book and science fiction characters are either public domain or owned. The Discussing Who podcast, website, and social media are not connected to the BBC, Warner Brothers, Disney, or any/all interested parties. No infringement intended.