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Discussing Comics: Who is Polaris?
Posted by Kyle Jones on November 25, 2017

In this video, we give a brief history of the X-Men character Polaris!Hosted by Kyle Jones (@kylemj6977) and Clarence Brown (@wudanbal). [Read More]

Discussing Comics: The Dark Phoenix
Posted by Kyle Jones on July 24, 2017

Who (or what) is the Dark Phoenix? We take a look at the character's roots in the pages of Uncanny X-Men, and we speculate what the future... [Read More]

Discussing Comics on YouTube
Posted by Kyle Jones on July 21, 2017

As part of our goal to feature content covering Doctor Who, Science Fiction, and Comic Books, we have recently begun creating content for... [Read More]

Introducing GRITS – Geeks Recording in the South
Posted by Kyle Jones on April 28, 2017

We've mentioned this in recent episodes of Discussing Who, but we want to share our excitement about a new venture for which our team is a... [Read More]

Wonder Woman Origin Trailer
Posted by Kyle Jones on March 12, 2017

The latest Wonder Woman trailer arrived in all of its wondersome glory yesterday! This is the origin of Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of... [Read More]

Who is X-23?
Posted by Kyle Jones on March 3, 2017

I originally wrote the title of this article as Who is Wolverine?, but replaced it with Who is X-23? Why did I do this? Just as both Jay... [Read More]

Total Comics Sold: Comparing January 1998, 2012, 2016, and 2017
Posted by Kyle Jones on February 25, 2017

What happens when we compare the total number of comic books sold across several years? What patterns, if any, emerge? Listeners of the... [Read More]

First Picture of Cloak and Dagger Together
Posted by Kyle Jones on February 17, 2017

Another Marvel based television program is coming soon from Freeform. The show will focus on the duo of Cloak and Dagger. The duo’s... [Read More]

Who is Legion?
Posted by Kyle Jones on February 14, 2017

The following article contains information about the character Legion, the X-Men related character published by Marvel Comics and may... [Read More]

Why I don’t blame Carol Danvers anymore!
Posted by Kyle Jones on December 28, 2016

Carol Danvers survives Civil War II. We all know that she does. In fact, the events of Civil War II place Carol in a position where her... [Read More]

Second Wonder Woman Trailer Released
Posted by Kyle Jones on November 5, 2016

The second official Wonder Woman trailer has been released. Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot as Diana... [Read More]

Doctor Strange Trailer
Posted by Kyle Jones on November 1, 2016

Are you ready for the Doctor Strange to magically take the world by storm? We will be reviewing the latest addition to the MCU after all of... [Read More]

Anyone But Carol Danvers!
Posted by Kyle Jones on October 27, 2016

Carol Danvers, as a character, has ties to both the X-Men and the Avengers. Her powers and code names changed along with the character’s... [Read More]

Flash TV Talk
Posted by Discussing Who on October 2, 2016

With The Flash - along with Green Arrow, Supergirl, and the many characters featured in Legends of Tomorrow speeding back onto the scene... [Read More]

October 2016 Superhero Television Premiere Dates
Posted by Kyle Jones on September 30, 2016

Schedule your DVR. Set your cable TV provider box to record. Set your DVD recorder. Or, if you want, don’t record and watch live. The... [Read More]

First Read — CRISIS on Infinite Earths: The Summoning
Posted by Clarence Brown on August 24, 2016

This experiment will play-out this laymen's view of a comic book event that happened over thirty years ago. [Read More]

Hoping for a Dawn of Justice for the Justice League Movie
Posted by Kyle Jones on August 20, 2016

I didn’t enjoy Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice, and I submit our review of the movie plus subsequent episodes as evidence. Am I a... [Read More]

Is Suicide Squad Strike Two for Snyder?
Posted by Kyle Jones on August 5, 2016

Planning to see DC Comics’ Suicide Squad this weekend? Or, are you - like many - planning to wait and see it on DVD, Digital Download, or... [Read More]

Celebrating Seven Years of the Cultdom Collective
Posted by Kyle Jones on July 17, 2016

The Cultdom Collective will be celebrating this anniversary LIVE on Talkshoe on Sunday, July 24, 2016, at 2pm EDT. Join us as we celebrate... [Read More]

A Change of Character
Posted by Kyle Jones on July 4, 2016

In Discussing Who Episode 10 we discussed the (potential) ramifications of changing a character’s age, sex, race, and sexual orientation. [Read More]

Wonder Woman REBIRTH We Will Have the Truth
Posted by Kyle Jones on June 9, 2016

DC Rebirth: Wonder Woman hit the stands today. And, as a fan of the Amazing Amazon, it didn’t come a moment too soon! This was the first... [Read More]

What is DC Rebirth?
Posted by Kyle Jones on June 4, 2016

DC Comics, under the writing guidance of Geoff Johns, cracked open the door into the next chapter in DC’s long history on May 25, 2016. [Read More]

What Do YOU Think About DC Rebirth?
Posted by Kyle Jones on May 30, 2016

Want to participate in an upcoming episode of Discussing Who? Let us know what you think about the revelations coming from DC REBIRTH. [Read More]

Comic Covers from Captain America Civil War
Posted by Kyle Jones on May 21, 2016

We discussed Captain America Civil War in Episode 007 of Discussing Who. While we expected the movie to surpass Superman V Batman: Dawn of... [Read More]

Bombshell Comics and Stuff
Posted by Kyle Jones on May 5, 2016

Readers of the comic lore, sit back and marvel at the bombshell of a story. The epic adventure of my former-but-stil favorite comic book... [Read More]

What do YOU think of Direction of the DCU Movies?
Posted by Kyle Jones on May 1, 2016

What do YOU think of the direction of the DCU Movies? [Read More]

Free Comic Book Day 2016
Posted by Kyle Jones on April 17, 2016

Saturday, May 07, 2016 marks the 15th Annual Free Comic Book Day. What IS Free Comic Book Day, you ask? [Read More]