Episode 62: Doctor Who, Introducing The Thirteenth Doctor

Episode 62: Doctor Who, Introducing The Thirteenth Doctor

The wait is over! Spoilers ahead! The 13th Doctor has been named! Yes, Doctor Who made history once again on Sunday, July 16, 2017 with the announcement naming the thirteenth person to take up the role of The Doctor.  Now, the cycle of fan acceptance begins again! But, is it different this time? Special guest Dr. Karen Dill-Shackleford shares her thoughts on the choice, asks questions of the hosts, and adds a bit of Wonder Woman to the mix. All this plus our initial thoughts and reactions. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford.

Discussing Who Episode 62, Introducing the 13th Doctor

About the Episode

Karen Dill-Shackleford, Ph.D., is a social psychologist who publishes in the field of media psychology, the relationship between what we watch on our screens and our everyday lives. Her areas of interest include the stories we tell about race and gender and social interactions and relationships in the media and how we make sense of ourselves and others through story. She is the author of How Fantasy Becomes Reality: Information and Entertainment Media in Everyday Life (2016) from Oxford University Press, the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Media Psychology (2013) and the co-author of Mad Men Unzipped: Fans on Sex, Love and the Sixties of TV (2015). She is a faculty member in the Media Psychology doctoral program at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA. (Information courtesy of Psychologytoday.com.)

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