Episode 74: From Tech to Trek, an Interview with Clarence Brown

Episode 74: From Tech to Trek, an Interview with Clarence Brown

Star Trek returned to network television this week as Star Trek Discovery aired on CBS and CBS All Access. Set ten years prior to Star Trek: The Original Series, fans are introduced to a new cast of characters, a revamped look for the Klingons, and more. This episode introduces a new podcast from Clarence Brown, the co-creator of Discussing Who and the Techpedition podcast. Join us as we discuss Star Trek and why Clarence pushes us all to live long and prosper. This episode is a joint production of Techpedition and Discussing Who. Hosted by Kyle Jones and featuring Kary Brown, Sergio Lugo, II, and Lee Shackleford.

Discussing Who Episode 74

About the Episode


The podcasters featured on this episode appreciate your allowing us to reflect and thank one of our own. As often happens in life, we often get so engulfed in our own lives that we often forget to say “THANK YOU” to those who wish us well; who encourage us; who inspire us; who simply make us better. The truth is: If you’ve listened to an episode of Techpedition, Reality Breached, or Discussing Who, there is a high percentage of a chance that you do so because Clarence Brown’s impact on the various hosts over the years.

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To read the post narrated by Lee Shackleford and to see pictures from the Star Trek Experience, click here.


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Discussing Who Episode 74


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